Equipment Supplier

Whether you have just joined for the first time or have a lot experience attending exhibitions, exhibition booth equipment rental is still a cost effective solution.

At HANWIN RESOURCES, we supply many diversity equipment as sounds, lighting, brochure,… with good price. These equipment were well preserved and checked regularly. Equipment will be set up fast and delivery on time for you. Beside, in order to meet the market demand, HANWIN RESOURCE continuously invests and updating the latest and most modern equipment.

We provide a all types of exhibition booth equipment such as:

Below are our exhibition booth construction services:
  • Sound: Treble Speaker, Squawker Speaker, Bass Speaker, Microphone, Recording Device.
  • Screen: LCD Screen, LED Screen, Touch Screen, Kiosk…
  • Light: Par Light, Ray track light, floor light, LED, spotlight, downlight, fluorescent lamp…
  • Counter, Brochure, Display Cabinet: Acrylic Brochure Rack, Zig Zag, Brochure Rack, TV Stand…
  • Display Table, Chair: System Counter, Information Table, Sofa, Office Table….
  • Carpet: Thin Carpet, Thick Carpet, Artificial Grass Carpet….
  • Other equipment: Decorative plant, flower, flower gate, coffee machine, microwave, refrigerator, standing coat hanger….

Please contact us if you need to rent exhibition booth equipment

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